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Answers from the Holistic Transdisciplinary Paradigm to the Contemporary Challenges in Education: The Subject Awakening and Integration among Sciences, Tradition, Wisdom and Experiences
The present days are marked by deep technological changes and the introduction of media and interaction r e- sources which shorten distances, speed the search for information and knowledge. Over decades of study, r e- search and knowledge production — sciences centred in the Cartesian paradigm — left numerous legacies to h u- manity, thus allowing distance straightening, automatic work processe s, facilitating communication , increasing life expectance through drugs, exams, diagnostics and products.
Chronic Health Conditions in Childhood and Adolescence and the Formation of Care and Support Networks
Addressing care and support networks issues in the chronic health conditions context for children and adolescents requires understanding chronicity within the contemporary scenario and its nuances, both as a trace of epidemiological transition and through experiences that emerge from dealing with illnesses.
Infantile Hospitalisation and Chronic Disease
This chapter attempts to characterise the process of chronic disease and infant hospitalisation, the relationship between healthcare professionals, children and their families, in addition to considering the implications which chronic disease has throughout the life of the child and their family. The chapter also considers the changes in the field of pediatrics, its gaps and shortcomings and its position in the biomedical field, defining technical and scientific principles.
Perfil de gestantes e nascidos vivos em uma unidade de referência: uma comparação com o município do Rio de Janeiro através do sistema de informação sobre nascidos vivos e o sistema de informação hospitalar
O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar o perfil das gestantes e dos nascidos vivos atendidas no Instituto Fernandes Figueira (IFF).